Atherton Tablelands Attractions

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Arriga Park Farmstay is a lively place, with a long list of activities available on the farm itself, but also the surrounding region is rich with rural culture and top class North Queensland tourism attractions.

There is much to explore in the surrounding area, and Arriga Park Farmstay is an excellent base when visiting other tourist attractions in the region.

Arriga Park Farmstay is located in Mareeba; where rich fertile plains produce most of Australia's tropical fruit such as mangoes, paw paw and pinapples, as well as gourmet delights; coffee and macadamia nuts. Mareeba boasts the best climate in Australia, having 300 sunny days a year, clean air, low humidity and cooler evenings than the coastal towns like Cairns.

Things available in Mareeba include:

Visitors making the trip to Chillagoe will be happy to know Arriga Park Farmstay is on the way, and many people stop off and stay the night before driving all the way to Chillagoe. If you've never been to Chillagoe, it's a fascinating Australian outback destination.

Activities and attractions in Chillagoe include:

The picturesque Atherton Tablelands area abounds with things to do and places to go. The above list is just a small sample. We will happily direct you to all of the Atherton Tablelands many attractions.

Activities and attractions on the Atherton Tablelands include:

Kuranda is home to Skyrail, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Barron Falls and the famous markets and other numerous attractions.

The greatest living marine organism, the Great Barrier Reef, is just a short drive away.

If you have something you'd particularly like to experience please contact us as we are more than happy to assist you with your Atherton Tablelands touring.

Come stay with us here at Arriga Park Farmstay and B&B, you'll have a great time!